WhenToDoctor app: A simple symptoms checker.


This app is a simple symptoms checker and medicine information guide to you. Medicine and Dental topics are included.

When you have health problems or questions our symptoms checker gives you the time frame when to see a doctor or a dentist at the latest.

You can seek information for example about back pain symptoms, flu symptoms, skin infections, depression symptoms, back pain diseases, skin diseases, mental diseases or tooth pain.

After your visit to doctor you get more health tips and information to your diagnose or disease from this apps diseases dictionary.

This app is made by a Finnish physician and a dentist.

This app is not for emergency situations. In case of emergency call an ambulance. This app is available on google play.

Key features:

Symptoms Checker that helps to decide when to see a doctor or a dentist at the latest.
* Simple healthcare app combining both general medicine and dental topics.
* Simple healthcare app combining both acute and chronic diseases.
* Medicine symptoms checker.
* Dental symptoms checker.
* A simple medicine advice book including health tips about common diseases and disorders and symptoms and diagnoses.
* Medicine diseases dictionary and Dental diseases dictionary Including definitions, causes, risk factors and basic treatments and drug options.
* Pocket doctor app that is simple and easy to use. This pocket doctor app uses pdf files to ensure easy performance and small program size.
* Offline healthcare app that gives you health tips for your personal healthcare any time.
* Symptoms tracker but not healthcare companion and this app does not collect any kind of data from the user.
* This app does not work as a webmd, your.md, or ada app. We do not offer any kind of diagnoses for your symptoms. We just give you the time frame when to see a doctor at the latest!

Made by Esma Universalis Ltd.

  1. What is "WhenToDoctor" -app
  2. How to use
  3. What you can not do with this app
  4. Who can not use this app
  5. Updates



  1. What is "WhenToDoctor" -app


It is usual that people try to look for information on different kind of health problems on Internet. There is a lot of information and some of it is incorrect. Also many times people are uncertain when they should seek the aid of health care professionals. This app gives you the time frame when you should go to see a doctor or a dentist at the latest. This app also gives you a little information about different diseases. Our goal is to offer a simply information guide of health and illness through this handy app. This app is not for emergency situations. In case of emergency call an ambulance.



  1. How to use


As you can see from the start page there are tree main buttons. Use “Symptoms” -button for getting advices when to visit a doctor or a dentist at the latest.




If you have some symptoms or new health problems press “Symptoms” -button and seek the right topic for you. Pdf file opens. Symptoms section finally gives you the time frame when you should go to see your doctor or dentist at the latest. You can always visit your doctor earlier if you consider it beneficial. We just advice when it is not recommended to wait any longer. We may also say when you have to go to the hospital immediately or call ambulance. In this app we never forbit to go to a doctor because this app can not determine the actual urgency of your condition or diagnose you. Final decision when to reach health care professionals is always made only by you.


Then you go to see your doctor. After the visit use “Diseases” -button for getting more information about your condition or illness.




After you have visited your physician or dentist and got a diagnose, possible follow-up plan or treatment you can seek more information about your disease by pressing ”Diseases” -button. At times doctors give quite a lot information during a visit and for you as a patient it may be difficult to remember all of it afterwards. That is why we give you basic and short information about some common diseases. The idea is that you may receive some new information and also recall what your own doctor has told. You should remember that the treatment plan may vary depending on patients and between different countries. For more information we recommend to ask your own doctor.



  1. What you cannot do with this app


With this app you can not find precise cause to your symptoms or set a diagnose. Setting diagnoses is always doctors responsibility. With this app you can not treat yourself or others.


  1. Who cannot use this app


We do not recommend using this app for persons under 18 years of age. If your child has health problems we recommend you to contact your doctor or hospital every time. We do not recommend to use this app if you already have a severe disease diagnosed or you general health is in poor condition or you are pregnant.  


  1. Updates


We will update this app and its content to a new version every once in a while. New versions would be published in app stores. We will also add new topics for both “Symptoms” and “Diseases” sections. If you want you can propose a new topic.



Thank you for downloading this app. We hope it is helpful to you.


Best regards,


WhenToDoctor -team.






© Esma Universalis Ltd 2018

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